Awards from Field Robot Event competition

DLG Feldtage, Germany 11.-14.6.2018

Advanced Navigation
3rd place

Harper Adams University, England 13.-16.6.2017

Basic Navigation
2nd place

Field Mapping
2nd place

2nd place

We are TAFR, multidisciplinary team of students with a goal to improve everyday work of farmers and vinegrowers.

We are developing an autonomous electrical farming robot, which will monitor the plants, apply fertilisers and pesticides and help with everyday work.
With a robotic helper chores on the field get cheaper, done faster and can be managed remotely. It puts the farmer at a safe distance from toxins and steep hills.

The vision of TAFR is improvement of work conditions on fields and vineyards with automatisation of work. We are developing a robot that will autonomously move on the field and do everyday chores like fertilising, removing weed, checking for diseases.

See TAFR in Agumented Reality - Android app

  1. download tAfR.apk file to your device
  2. open tAfR.apk on your device
  3. if asked enable "allow install from unknown sources" in device options
  4. point the camera to the TAFR logo on the business card




Silver partners: RLS , LTFE

Project supporters

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